The aim of the Association of Massage Therapists Scotland is to work towards formal recognition of manual therapy within the medical fraternity as a proven medium for alleviation of musculoskeletal problems. In particular to research the benefits of manual therapy for neurological problems.


The objectives of the Association of Massage Therapists Scotland are to provide opportunities for:

 Research

 Networking

 Training


Initiate research of the benefits that can be gained by patients with neurological conditions through the timely use of manual therapies.

 Collate anecdotal evidence of successes within specific neurological conditions through a website link where successes can be recorded and accessed by members of the association and interested medical parties

 Where significant success is recorded, approach the charities working for this disorder to encourage pilots to be set up to investigate the benefits further

 Foster links between members and charities working for specific neurological conditions

 Encourage members to take place in pilots run by these charities who are investigating the benefits of manual therapy for those suffering with a neurological disorder


Provide a support network for massage therapists in Scotland and throughout the UK by providing the medium and opportunities for massage therapists to glean ideas and experience from each other.

 Provide a website through which massage therapists can ask others of any experience or successes they have had with various presentations and conditions

 Provide a website link where unusual successes can be recorded and accessed by members

 Provide a directory of therapists to allow therapists to contact each other

 Provide events where therapists and the medical profession can learn from each other


Encourage members to become the best in their field through training and continuous professional development

 Provide training for members which will enable them to progress in their career

 Provide training and events for members which will further their professional development