The aim of the Association of Massage Therapists Scotland is to work towards formal recognition of manual therapy within the medical fraternity as a proven medium for alleviation of musculoskeletal problems. In particular to research the benefits of manual therapy for neurological problems.


The objectives of the Association of Massage Therapists Scotland are to provide opportunities for:


Initiate research of the benefits that can be gained by patients with neurological conditions through the timely use of manual therapies.


Provide a support network for massage therapists in Scotland and throughout the UK by providing the medium and opportunities for massage therapists to glean ideas and experience from each other.


Encourage members to become the best in their field through training and continuous professional development

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     Next start dates:

     Diploma Courses - November 2019

        Orthopaedic Massage and Manipulation -         starts 7th Nov 20

        Advanced Remedial - starts 9th Nov 19

        Remedial and Sports - starts 9th Nov 19

         Joint Diploma in Holistic and Remedial          and Sports Massage - starts 20th Nov 19


       Advanced Spine - 8/9th Oct 2019  

       Nutrition  - 7/8th Jan 2020      

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